Pass ACC’s Audit the Easy Way

8Pass ACC’s Audit the Easy Way

Aims of the programme

The aim is to assist employers to pass ACC’s audit at primary, secondary or tertiary level. This allows employers a 10%, 15% or 20% discount on their ACC levies.


3-4 months

Short description

Adapto provides the company with an easy to understand compliance system that meets ACC’s requirements at tertiary level. The system is designed to succeed at tertiary level and has stripped away all superfluous procedures or documents that unnecessarily complicate health and safety systems.

All templates, procedures and processes are in simple everyday language that everyone in the organisation from senior management to shop floor employees can understand.

Who is involved?

Adapto works with an internally appointed programme co-ordinator, ensuring this person has the skills and resources available to facilitate the change process internally. Adapto regularly meets with the co-ordinator and assists them with the implementation process.

This programme is not based on numerous training seminars, other than initial training of the safety committee. All staff continue to perform their normal daily duties while the system is implemented.

Methods of presentation

This is a specifically designed programme for an organisation. Adapto works alongside the organisation’s internal co-ordinator for the duration of the programme, ensuring the objectives are met and the staff develop the skills to continue the programme beyond Adapto’s involvement.