Organisational Culture Change Programme

2Organisational Culture Change Programme

Aims of the programme

Some companies already meet ACC’s audit requirements and receive the discounts associated with passing the audit. However they may not actually prevent injuries: ACC’s audit is a systems (paperwork) audit.

ACC’s experience rating is based on the frequency and severity of accidents; passing ACC’s audit does not necessarily achieve a reduction in this. The culture change programme focuses on changing the company’s culture to exclude unsafe and include safe behaviours in how people perform their daily (normal) tasks. This will positively influence the company’s experience rating.


Implementation takes place over an extended period, typically six months or more and does not involve a big bang approach. Change will happen gradually over time, giving habits the opportunity to be permanently imbedded.

Short description of programme


Culture is often seen as mystical, when it is no more than the collective noun for the habits of a group. Adapto offers a comprehensive change process, enabling your staff to practice safe working habits and substantially reducing accident frequency rates (along with the cost of human trauma, rehabilitation, down time, bad press and so on).

The process is non-threatening and does not require extensive time commitments from line management or staff; the change happens while people do their normal jobs. A series of interactive interventions are linked together to bring about desired (good) habits that will ultimately improve staff wellbeing and your bottom line.
The combination of the compliance and culture changes can directly influence the company’s ACC experience rating for the better.

Who should attend?

Adapto works with an internally appointed programme co-ordinator, ensuring this person has the skills and resources available to facilitate the change process internally. Adapto regularly visits the company premises.

This programme does not involve seminars, other than an orientation session with managers at the start of the programme. Beyond that all staff continue to perform their normal daily duties while adopting new habits.

Methods of presentation

This is a specifically designed programme for an organisation. Adapto works alongside the organisation’s internal co-ordinator for the duration of the programme, ensuring the objectives are met and the staff develop the skills to continue the programme beyond Adapto’s involvement.