Hazard Management Skills that Work

4Hazard Management Skills that Work

Aims of the training seminar

The aim is to empower Safety Committee members to effectively contribute to a reduction in the risk factors leading to accidents. They will have practical skills that will make them able to effectively manage hazards in their organisations.


1 day

Short description

It enables the Safety Committee members to effectively manage hazards in their organisation. They will learn more than what the Act says; they will also have a good understanding of Adapto’s well-researched accident causation model and how to apply this when managing the different types of safety risks in their own organisation.

The seminar is specifically working within the New Zealand legal framework and not an adapted Australian model. It is very practical and not full of meaningless theory and legal speak. Furthermore, it is not teaching an adversarial style of managing hazards: “what are the responsibilities of the company” and “what are the responsibilities of staff”? It follows an inclusive model: “we are all in this together; how can we all contribute to reduce injuries?”

Who should attend?

All members of Safety Committees: managers and general staff, both union members and non-union members.

Methods of presentation

Public seminar: delegates of different organisations come together at a seminar. The advantage is that delegates don’t only learn from the seminar material, but also from each other and from their exposure to other industries.

Public seminars will be held at our Huntington Park, Botany training room, dependant on a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 participants per group.

Cost: $220 (plus GST) per person. Three or more attendees from the same organisation, $170 (plus GST) per person.

For dates please contact Adapto.

Internal seminar: if an organisation wants to train 5 or more delegates, it may be preferable to present the seminar exclusively to the organisation. The advantage is that the specific issue and applications of the organisation will be discussed during the presentation and work discussions.

Cost: $850 (plus GST) for 5 to 8 people. For larger groups please contact Adapto to discuss.