Progressive H&S programmes

Progressive H&S programmes

  1. Premium Safety Management Programme

    Our premium programme which combines a comprehensive compliance system with a culture change programme. It enables you to benefit from both an easy to use safety system and a culture that incorporates good safety behaviour. › Read more

  2. Organisational Culture Change Programme

    Going beyond the ACC audit, this programme focuses on changing your company’s culture to exclude unsafe and include safe behaviours in how people perform their daily (normal) tasks. This will positively influence your company’s experience rating. › Read more

  3. 21st Century Health and Safety Planning

    For health and safety practitioners who are seeking professional development opportunities. The focus is on the skills safety managers need to make real changes that drive organisational safety culture. › Read more

  4. Hazard Management Skills that Work

    We work with Safety Committee members to effectively contribute to a reduction in the risk factors leading to accidents. You will enhance practical skills that will make you able to effectively manage hazards in your organisation. › Read more

  5. Accident Investigations for a Brighter Future

    Working with Safety Committee members to effectively investigate accidents and to use what you learn from the investigations to reduce the risk factors that lead to accidents. You will gain practical skills that will help you to effectively investigate accidents and be able to positively use the results to the benefit of your organisation. › Read more

  6. Safety Management Skills for Line Managers

    Equipping the internal safety champions with skills that will enable you to make a real difference to safety practices in your organisation. You will gain the practical leadership skills to treat safety as a business as usual process. › Read more

  7. The HSE Act and how ACC Works – In Everyday Language

    For those that want to understand, in everyday language, the requirements of the Health and Safety in Employment Act for general safety practitioners. The seminar explains how ACC works; how to approach and work with ACC. › Read more

  8. Pass ACC’s Audit the Easy Way

    We help you pass ACC’s audit at primary, secondary or tertiary level. This allows employers a 10%, 15% or 20% discount on their ACC levies. › Read more