Why do accidents happen?

1Why do accidents happen?

Before you can reduce accidents you need to understand how and why they happen in the first place. Practicing ‘eliminate, isolate and minimise’ won’t solve the problem. That’s because it only covers a small part of it.

Adapto’s approach is based on in-depth research that goes to the real heart of the issue. And it’s this. Many accidents happen because of the way people behave in their work environment. Sadly, this means that no amount of hazard management can stop someone whose mind is not on the job.

The Adapto Approach addresses all the reasons why accidents happen. It shows the similarities and differences between events causing major catastrophes such as Pike River, and seemingly inconsequential injuries such as sprains or cuts. With this as a background you can see how this approach reaches all aspects of health and safety in an organisation.

The benefits to you; we can help you focus on the things that make a real difference to the safety of your people.